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Our Services

Body Sculpting-Fat removal with minimally invasive techniques

Eliminate areas of unwanted fat and tone your entire body with Laser-Assisted Lipolysis. Our techniques permanently disrupts fat cells, and allows us to permanently improve your overall body shape with minimally invasive techniques and minimal downtime.

Skin Rejuvenation-Tighten and improve loose skin

Modern laser treatments that we use effectively resurface, and rejuvenate loose and sagging skin around the face, as well as address age spots and discolorations. Skin care products and regimens can also be recommended according to the specific needs of each individual.

Fat Transfer-Use your own fat cells to add volume

Fat Transfers can be used to increase the volume and curves of large areas of the body, such as the buttocks or breasts; or to fill volume loss of the face instead of Dermal Fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, and others.  After consulting with Dr. Anderson, a treatment plan can be tailored to each individual, keeping in mind that a person may or may not have enough fatty tissue to achieve the desired results.

Dermal Fillers- Plump and smooth lines and wrinkles

With so many Dermal fillers on the market, from different manufacturers, with different formulations, many patients have questions as to which product is right for them. Dr. Anderson is familiar with using a variety of Dermal Fillers and can help each individual patient decide which formulations or brands can address their needs. Used to re-volumize, smooth deep folds, and address fine lines and wrinkles, Dermal fillers have become a mainstay in many beauty regimens to improve and maintain your desired look!

Skin Perfecting-Smooth and blemish free skin

We use laser skin resurfacing, chemical treatments, and special skin care regimens that are tailored to address the needs of each individual patient.We offer medically supervised treatment of acne, which may include prescription medications, specialized and tailored skin regimens, as well as treatment of the unwanted consequences of acne such as uneven skin  and discolorations using laser treatments, chemical peels or other therapies prescribed by our physician.

Thread Lifting- smooth loose skin, eliminate folds and wrinkles.

Our physician performs suspension lifts using different brands of suspension threads according to the needs of the patient. Suspension lifts can be used in congestion with Volumizing Dermal Fillers, Fat Dissolving injections, collagen building injections, and Serum Plasma injections to maximize results! Thread lifting is a fantastic option for reducing the appearance of loose skin folds, deep wrinkles and redundant skin when over-volumizing with a dermal filler may result in unwanted contours or a bulky appearance.

Additionally, though thread lifting has been used successfully on the sagging skin of the face, it may also be used to defy gravity is other areas of the body such as the Breast, Buttocks, and Thighs. Thread lifting provides great results without the invasiveness of traditional more invasive procedures.